Retail marketing tooling

My Retailer

Digital content plays a major role in building your brand.
My Retailer is the central source to find, create, (re) use and publish your branded) content. It gives you the tools to manage your product- and marketing content, streamline processes and cooperate in the same tool.
My Retailer assist marketeers to easily compose and order products and therefore shorten the  time to market.
My Retailer is easily deployed, learned and used by many retailers. It directly contributed to a better marketing and sales performance.

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Local webshop

Simple order processes help marketers in there day to day work.
Local is the central environment for ordering of simple marketing materials with a re-occurring character. It offers the possibility to manage product information, pricing and optimize ordering processes.
Local helps marketeers toe easily find and order products. This is possible from stock and Printing on Demand. It is easy to set up and user friendly.
Local is connected with the product catalogue of an online print company so that marketeers have direct access to the low online pricing.

Content orchestration

With a Content Orchestration approach, brands and publishers are able to streamline the management, creation, and publishing of content. This results in improved efficiency, clear workflows, the ability to manage, share, reuse, and safeguard assets, and push out across channels.
With our online editorial tooling we co-create with our clients complex publications in the shortest time possible. Sometimes working with more than 300 people, we orchestrate the content and translation to all media channels.

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Digital asset management

The amount of digital data we process as Altavia Unite is enormous. The way to keep in charge of all of this is a robust Digital Asset Management solution. A single point of truth, always the right files, no more transferring and always available.
We share our knowledge and experience with our customers with DAM as a service.
Our DAM can be connected with any platform or software production tools: to create magazines, website, social, catalogues…

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Toolstation City Stores

You have to stand out if you want to attract attention.

De Bijenkorf chooses My Retailer

My Retailer enables de Bijenkorf to produce high-quality communications in the stores.

House of Brands

An intensive partnership for more consistency in campaign resources.

MG Social Campaigns

More followers through social media advertising.

Gall & Gall store communication

Automated solutions for a highly dynamic client.

Supplying marketing materials HEMA

A new communications container, 700 unique rolling containers, and vastly improved efficiency.

Rabo & Co Magazine

85 unique magazines, 3,740 pages, 1,500 lay-outs, 4,830 photos all based on 1 smart solution.

POS campaigns ANWB

This new working method means all campaigns are always on-brand.

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