Content & social media

Reach your goal with great content. At altavia.unite we start from a validated vision and strategy, substantiated and optimized by data. Managed from the heart of our organization. And of course always made for people. It’s not called “social” media for nothing.

Content marketing

Creating and sharing content means establishing a relationship with your target audience. And that’s not easy, because just like in a real relationship you have to listen, make concessions, be romantic and also get your way every now and then. At Altavia Unite we make these trade-offs and know exactly how to make the target group fall in love with your brand.

Community management

Let’s talk about that relationship. Because starting a relationship is one thing, maintaining a relationship is another. At Altavia Unite we do this by listening to the target group. As a brand, you stand in the middle of people, you know what is going on and you stay in conversation. Social media is therefore not complete without community management.

Social advertising

Over the years, social media has become increasingly pay-to-play. Advertising is therefore the place to be, also on social media. Social users think that’s perfectly fine, as long as you stay relevant. And that’s where we come in. At Altavia Unite we know exactly how to reach a target group in the right way, without them getting tired of advertising.

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Influencer marketing

You probably know the story of golden influencers with their authentic content and amazingly high ROI. But what is an influencer actually worth, and who do you hire for your brand? At Altavia Unite we will figure it out for you. Our data analysts find the long-term matches between influencer and brand, so that your brand message is shared by the right person.

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Campaign MINI Clubvan

Over 3 million impressions without spending one media budget euro.

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