MG Motor Europe and Altavia Unite keep moving forward

MG Motor Europe and Altavia Unite keep moving forward

MG Motor Europe and Altavia Unite keep moving forward 1218 1218 Altavia Unite

After a competitive pitch, MG Motor Europe decided to continue working with Altavia as its preferred social media agency. Together, we will keep growing MG’s social following in Europe. It’s electrifying!

155,000 new followers  
In the past two years, we’ve been responsible for setting up and rolling out the social media strategy for automotive brand MG (part of Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation or SAIC Motor). The introduction of MG as a renewed and re-energized automotive brand was driven by an extensive in-house team, including social lead Ruben Schrama and senior social media manager Marco van Gils.
The assignment? Positioning the renewed MG brand on social media and building a new fan base –from scratch. Ruben: “Our team has a lot of experience with creating creative content for the automotive industry. On top of that, we possess all the technical know-how to create an impactful approach for brands online. By striking the right chord with the desired target audience, we’ve built up a loyal and engaged fan base within no time. Keeping the fierce competition on social in mind, it’s quite a remarkable achievement.”
High-quality content

The core of MG’s new brand positioning was sharing high-quality and engaging content. Marco: “Anyone who has experience with producing automotive content knows that it comes with considerable challenges. Videos and visuals have to be of very high quality, and the long production process can make it difficult to leverage newsjacking or quickly utilize trending topics.”

 While many automotive brands reuse their campaign footage for social media, Altavia decided on a more tailored approach. The agency decided to create its own content where MG and day-to-day trends come together. As a result, MG’s timeline is filled with socially savvy and budget attractive content that is of an extremely high level despite the fast production process.


After two successful years and more than 1400 social posts, December marked the first re-evaluation for Altavia’s team. After a competitive pitch with several candidates, MG again decided to work with Altavia Unite as its preferred social agency. Marco: “The biggest risk when pitching for existing clients is operating on autopilot. But instead, pitching for MG has made us more aware. We looked at upcoming challenges and how we could solve them for MG in a creative way. By pitching – and winning – we can step up and shift into the next gear.”

So, what can Altavia Unite tell us about MG’s upcoming plans on social media? “The last few years, we have positioned MG as the leading electric automotive brand in Europe. Now, our goal is to keep growing, interact with the target audience, and maintain the established positive sentiment.”

Creative go-getters

Altavia’s role in MG’s social strategy is that of a go-getter. Ruben: “One of our best qualities is bringing various disciplines together, including concept, design, production, and distribution. Content creation for social media has its challenges, but by looking at it from a different perspective, we can easily spot solutions. As an agency, we can create a smart approach that allows brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Short term, but also in the long run.”

For MG and Altavia Unite, the two companies will continue building a solid electric automotive brand on social media. Or, as the tagline of the pitch fiercely stated: “Keep Charging Forward. United.”

Altavia Unite is a Creative Production House that works on behalf of brands such as BP, Gall & Gall, MG and ANWB.

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