How human is your brand?

How human is your brand?

How human is your brand? 1246 720 Altavia Unite
In our modern economy, consumers expect much more from a brand than just a boring sales pitch. It’s no longer enough for a brand simply to offer a great product or service in order to maintain consumer loyalty, especially given the ever-expanding pool of competitors. In order to stand out from the rest, buyers now prioritise and engage with brands that exhibit a human touch in their advertising, sales and marketing communications.
Brand humanity is more than just a trend – it has become the means by which consumers differentiate between good and bad. This demonstrates the degree to which brands have become extensions of our own identities, desires and relationships. The ‘good’ brands are those that show a sense of humanity and take a personal approach to understanding humans at every level, from the physical to their full emotional richness. Any brand that appears to ignore our human needs quickly puts itself out of business.

To find out how human you are as a brand, try answering the following questions:

1. Do you know what drives your consumer?
2. Are you connecting enough with your shopper’s emotional needs?
3. Which emotions do you hope to evoke in order to build a relationship?
4. Are you aware of the current positive and negative reactions to your brand?
5. Have you defined your brand in terms of a purpose? In other words, what sets you apart from the rest?
6. Do your loyal consumers feel that they are part of your story?
7. Are you building relationships with your consumers across multiple platforms and channels?
8. What is your brand’s purpose?
9. Has the coronavirus outbreak changed this in any way?
10. What does a perfect 2021 brand model look like to you?
‘Touch, Tell, Sell’ are the first three phases of a well-known model used to identify the customer journey. At altavia.unite, we always add ‘Love’, ensuring that the sale is not the final destination and encouraging the customer to become a fan or even an ambassador of the brand. ‘Brand love’ is what we strive for at Altavia Unite.

Ferry Bol – Creative Director Altavia Unite

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