Altavia Unite launches data-driven influencer branch

Altavia Unite launches data-driven influencer branch

Altavia Unite launches data-driven influencer branch 1596 1095 Altavia Unite

Altavia Unite is constantly on the move. Last month, the agency announced a transformative change: that Altavia Sumis and FEL would be joining forces. This month, we’d like to share the news that the organisation is establishing a fully fledged influencer branch, entirely data-based and led by Robert Crone: Influencer Specialist and Data Analyst at Altavia Unite.

You are an Influencer Specialist and Data Analyst. How do these roles relate to each other?

At Altavia Unite, I combine my knowledge of consumer psychology with data. By automating this process, we can enhance efficiency and take the lead in influencer marketing. At the moment, the influencer marketing industry lacks the ability to make good use of data in choosing influencers for campaigns. In addition to delivering on basic criteria such as how someone interprets a message, commercial collaborations and brand match, data contributes significantly to both the orientation and evaluation phases of influencer marketing. In other words, data helps you to make informed choices.’

So, unlike many other agencies, you base influencer selection partly on data. How can altavia.unite customers benefit from this?

‘There are a lot of tools available now that help in the selection of influencers. However, few calculations – if any – are being made using the available data, let alone being automated. By comparing the retrieved data with the most important basic criteria for influencer selection, we’re able to save time. We can then use this saved time to come up with more creative campaigns, as well as to make more informed choices for specific influencers, taking into account matters such as value and the associated costs.’

How do you go about determining that value?

‘We use tooling to determine value, based on a smart algorithm. You could compare it to setting the price for an online ad: sourcing and using influencers is actually the same thing. We use the available data to see how an influencer scores on criteria such as authenticity, credibility and estimated valuable reach. We have converted these aspects into a calculation and given it a particular weighting. Our tooling uses this to determine the exact worth of an influencer, and the maximum amount you should pay for them as a customer.’

What does Altavia Unite aim to achieve with influencer marketing?

‘The aims are closely related to the recent transformation from Altavia Sumis and FEL to Altavia Unite. We want to provide our customers with end-to-end support, regardless of whether it concerns an offline experience or social activation. Influencer marketing has become an integral part of our society, and this is an indispensable part of it. Because we offer it in-house, we’re also able to streamline this part of the process. This gives us more time and enables us to go into depth more quickly, so we can provide the most relevant recommendations.’

‘At the same time, I personally also want to get customers to view the use of influencers differently, so that instead of focusing just on short campaigns, they start moving towards a long-term collaboration. I would also like influencers to no longer be seen just as “influencers”, but that to have them viewed more positively as a valid marketing approach. In my view, influencers are ideal brand ambassadors, but they have to be carefully chosen and be intrinsically motivated to work for a brand. Our tooling helps to enable this selection and is, as such, a data-driven rationale for deploying a specific brand ambassador.’

Robert Crone -Influencer Specialist and Data Analyst at Altavia Unite

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